We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed our seed round, led by Polychain Capital, Hypersphere, Bithumb Global and Divergence Ventures.

As a Substrate-based foundational layer based for cross-chain compatibility, Clover provides easy-to-access blockchain infrastructure for developers, and creates a one-stop EVM-compatible framework to migrate DeFi applications from Ethereum to Polkadot.

Gas fee solutions and trustless 2-way pegs

In addition to developer friendly EVM compatibility, some of the core innovations of Clover include gas fee re-distribution, gasless transactions and an identity based fee schedule and the unique trustless 2-way pegs between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The innovations around the gas fee issue make it possible for…


  • evm and frontier on Clover mainnet upgraded to the latest version
  • Develop branch updated to the latest evm
  • Completed the preliminary integration of the latest parachain code
  • Completed the optimization of Sakura auction website design and procedure test and added auction rules
  • Completed the integration test of parachain related code
  • Completed preparations for EVM upgrade on test chain

Cross-chain Features

  • Completed the cross-chain monitoring background
  • Research on general cross-chain solutions, and completed the deployment of cross-chain services.


Extension Wallet

  • Development of new features on extension wallet: support asset whitelist and asset hiding; docking with public chains such as xDai, Matic, OKT, etc.
  • Completed the…

Clover Finance is excited to announce that Kraken, one of the largest and most reputable global exchanges, will support the upcoming Sakura Crowdloan auction. Kraken’s support for the Sakura (SKU) Crowdloan will help lower the barrier to entry for many Kusama holders, providing a secure means to participate through the highly-trusted Kraken platform.

Kraken’s clients will be able to contribute KSM to the Sakura crowdloan directly without having to leave the exchange. Kraken clients participating in the Sakura Crowdloan will also exclusively receive a 20% SKU bonus in addition to the base amount of 200 SKU per KSM. …

Sakura Pre-Crowdloan: https://auction.clover.finance/#/

Sakura Parachain Pre-Crowdloan Reward Rules

  • Crowdloan cap: 100,000 KSM
  • Base reward per participant: 200 SKU/KSM
  • Minimum Stake amount: 1KSM
  • Invite your friends to join Stake and earn 5% of the SKU rewards from your referrals base rewards
  • The top 10,000 users who complete the Stake will receive bonus rewards. The ranking will be based on the on-chain transaction information
    - 0001–2500 20% bonus
    - 2501–5000 15% bonus
    - 5001–7500 10% bonus
    - 7501–10000 5% bonus
  • Users who participate in Stake before the bid will receive 1 SKU per every KSM staked as interest every day.
  • After Sakura successfully wins the slot, the…

We are happy to announce Clover’s strategic partnership with xDAI. After the integration, the Clover network will support the xDAI stablecoin, bringing a better payment experience to the Web3 DeFi ecosystem.

The xDAI blockchain is a stable payment blockchain designed especially for fast and cheap stablecoin transactions. The xDAI stablecoin is used for transactions, payments, and fees, and the STAKE token is used for Proof of Stake consensus. xDAI is an ideal cryptocurrency for daily payments and transactions, with extremely low fees, fast payments, and a stable value of about $1 per xDAI. User-friendly tools provide easy onboarding for users…

Clover has recently appointed Barek Sekandari as its Strategic Advisor. Since his introduction in the cryptocurrency market, Barek has been an active advocate and contributor to projects like Fantom where he leads an important role of COO at Fantom Foundation. Barek will be advising Clover on UK and EU business development and market strategy. He will assist with accelerating the platform’s momentum.

Clover has successfully launched an open beta browser extension wallet, with inherent support for Fantom Opera mainnet built in. This will allow users to easily interact with successful Fantom based dApps.

Fantom and Clover will work in close…

Sakura is the foundational layer for cross-chain DeFi, built to serve Kusama.

Kusama & Sakura

Sakura is a substrate-based parachain candidate specifically built for the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem on Kusama. Building on the success of the Rococo testnet, the stage for Kusama has been set as the first “mainnet” to utilize the power of Substrate. Kusama is regarded as a layer zero protocol and as the CanaryNet of Polkadot. The Clover Finance team envisions Sakura to live on as the innovative sister network of Clover, with both Clover and Sakura continuing to serve their communities simultaneously. The unique on-chain governance parameters of Kusama…

Clover Finance and KIRA Network announce a strategic integration to allow for non-custodial staking of any asset on Clover, including stable coins, digital fiat and NFTs, where tokens and their staking derivatives can be both staked and traded at the same time on KIRA Network and Clover.

KIRA Network is the first decentralized solution to secure and power DeFi applications with the liquidity of assets at stake. KIRA’s novel consensus — Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake (MBPoS) enables token holders to generate revenues from staking any digital asset — cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, digital fiat, or even NFT’s while maintaining full liquidity via…

We’re more than excited to announce that we are embarking on a strategic partnership with Automata Network to support Witness, the privacy-first off-chain governance solution part of Automata’s technology suite, with their aim to innovate decentralized governance.

“Amidst heightened expectations around privacy, Witness is on the next wave of innovation that allows those working on decentralization to build one level up from there.”

- Norelle Ng, Co-Founder of Clover Finance.

Meanwhile, Witness has established integration with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Besides benefitting from zero-gas voting, users will also be able to use Chainhook on the respective Testnets to trigger…


  • Successfully connected to the Rococo tesnet and completed the local test and update.
  • Complete Clover network code upgrade, opened POA mode, closed stake, optimized version release.
  • Improved the staking logic of parachain slot auctions
  • Completed the development of the Sakura network, which will be released soon
  • Completed the docking of the Claim module on the Clover chain to the BEP20 contract and deployed the Fix solution for EVM data synchronization

Cross-chain Features

  • Cross-chain bridge development and testing, cross-chain monitoring background
  • Completed the design of the cross-chain mechanism, the cross-chain watchdog mechanism, and a better GAS fee mechanism
  • Completed the cross-chain contract development…

Clover Finance

A Foundational Layer for Cross‑chain Compatibility

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